course you will learn to inflate and control the paraglider and refine your ground handing. You will practice innumerable launches and precision landing as well as steering the paraglider and turning in your first thermals. Initially, your first few flights will be from a launch as little as five meters above the landing zone, but this will become progressively higher and later you will be flying from a launch that is over 500 meters above the landing zone. At the end of the course, we award you with a certificate that will allow you to take a test with the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to get your paragliding pilot’s license.

This clinic is for pilots who want to evolve their skills, perfect their techniques, and fly longer distances. We teach you thermalling skills and decision making that will allow you to take better advantage of flying conditions and your surroundings. Along with perfecting your thermalling skills and learning to make the best use of ridge lift to get and stay high, we also help you get more out of your GPS and variometer. We fly cross-country (XC) extensively during this course.Note: this course is done with your own equipment. PuroVuelo does, however, provide transportation to and from the areas where we will fly XC.

You first will learn how to inflate and control a paraglider, which we call ground handling. All introductory work is done on an vast expanse of sand (the world-famous Palo Buque site) and the varying slopes of the natural sand dune are ideal for students and provide an exceptionally safe environment for learning to fly. After extensive practicing of the launch and landing sequences, as well as steering, at the end of the day you’ll be enjoying your first few short flights SOLO. Your instructor will always be supervising you by radio during these flights. This course is between one and three days long. We limit these courses to a maximum five students.

Paragliding Lessons


PuroVuelo is also a paragliding school. We train both new students and experienced pilots, from introductory lessons to advanced paragliding clinics. For the discovery and introductory courses, PuroVuelo provides all the equipment, including a paraglider, harness, helmet, radio, and transportation.